Anterior total hip replacement, sometimes called direct anterior approach to hip replacement or anterior hip arthroplasty, is a surgical technique that involves making an anterior (front) incision on the hip to replace a damaged hip joint with a prosthetic implant. Because it works between the muscles rather than through them, this technique is regarded as tissue-sparing and can result in a quicker recovery, less pain during the procedure, and less damage to the muscles.

By using the anterior approach, a surgeon can access the hip joint without separating the muscles that support the femur and pelvis, which are crucial for hip function. compared to conventional methods that require detaching muscles to access the hip, this muscle-sparing technique can lead to faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, and possibly less pain following surgery.

Individuals who undergo anterior hip replacement surgery typically heal more quickly than those who undergo traditional hip replacement surgery, with many of them being able to walk without assistance or utilize a cane sooner. Additionally, the anterior technique provides improved control over leg length and more precise hip implant placement. Dr. Shore utilizes a bikini-style incision for most primary anterior total hip replacements, which results in improved wound healing and a more cosmetic appearance when healed.

Many patients contemplating hip replacement surgery may find that anterior total hip replacement is a good alternative since it has advantages such reduced muscle injury, accelerated recovery, and decreased postoperative pain.